NFC Solution

NFC Solution  
NFC ID solution / Payment / Membership solutions
NFC M2M solutions – Health care, Home appliance & IoT applications
NFC manager/ NFC Compatibility test tool
- NFC Tag /P2P read/write software
- NFC interoperability test tool

DUALi is capable of providing customers not only with easy-to integrate but also widely expandable system. With our own NFC stack, we offer from embedded solution to tunkey solution for different types of NFC application including complete control over NFC P2P. Meet DUALi’s wide range of NFC product (desktop reader, Wiegand reader, Kiosk reader, sign pad reader etc.)which allow system integrators & NFC developers to enhance their existing system.
  • NFC Manager
  • NFC Manager is all-in-one software and it’s simple tool which is suitable not only Card developer but also NFC starter. It support all type of NFC Tags(T1T/T2T/T3/T4T and Mifare 1/4/8K) and NFC –enabled devices
  • 1. Automatic Tag/Device Detection
  • 2. Tag format
  • 3. Read NDEF data from Tag/ Device
  • 4. Write NDEF data to Tag/ Device
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