ID /Security Solution
With years of experience as ID/ Security solution provider, DUALi offers a number of benefits: Total solution of Access control, Time attendance & Cafeteria management solution includes Hardware and Software. DUALi also has NFC convergence applications.
The benefits of a well-planned, integrated Corporate management system are numerous, including:
  • Limit access to business critical or restricted area
  • Effective employees management for HR dep.
  • Security for staff and visitors
  • Controlling and reporting on any unusual events
  • Reporting for regulatory or compliance purposes
  • DUALi’s solution is right mixture of Access control, Time attendance, Extra work, Cafeteria (payment) management.
DUALi’s total management solution to create an lively U-Campus includes:
  • Access control
  • Lecture attendance management
  • In-campus payment system (Cafeteria etc.)
  • Integrated Library management
  • As an industry pioneer, DUALi has wide and rich experience in Korea.
It is necessary to choose right system for efficient hospital management. Hospital security has to be subtle and well-organized to give staff, patients, and visitors a comfortable feeling of safety. Although requirements demand security to be comprehensive, it must be integrated into the environment very discretely.
  • DUALi’s device & S/W solution were adopted by the top 3 hospitals in Korea and many others. The main benefits are:
  • Limit access to critical areas of the hospital.
  • Easy / Auto payment system Inside Hospital
  • Effective staff management for HR dep.
  • DeMaster Pro
  • DeMaster Pro is an access control management software featuring efficient TCP/IP based system. It also has stand-alone version for small businesses
  • NFC PHONE & RF Card support access control system
  • Easy and convenient management of the system
  • Synchronized configurations
  • Real-time monitoring (every events) for all registered terminal
  • DB: MSSQL/MySQL/Oracle & MDB for laptop
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